It's not often that a business relocates. When it does occur it is often to increase their customer base and take on potential growth opportunities. Relocating a business can be extremely time consuming and disruptive to their existing clientele. This along with the risk of damage to belongings and injury to important staff make it a problematic situation for business'. To reduce downtime, the business must ensure they have a relocation plan in place when a move is planned. This plan must include the risks and benefits involved along with checklists of tasks and address'.

It is of utmost importance that the move date is arranged well in advance. This gives businesses ample time to foresee any issues that may hamper their business during the move process. The earlier the inquiry is made with our friendly team the greater the chance of us having a spot available on your requested dates. 

Accidents are something that no one wants to happen but oddly enough they still happen. Toronto Express Movers has fully comprehensive cover from one of Canada's leading insurance providers to give you peace of mind when moving with us. To ensure you stay covered please purchase this cover from us at least 48 hours before the scheduled move date.

To reduce the headache of incorrectly delivered letters and a lapse of services, it is essential you update your address with all your clientele and service providers prior to your move.

Moving is a physically strenuous job. Our team of movers at Toronto Express Movers is professionally trained to use correct lifting, carrying, and stacking techniques to eliminate the risk of injuries occurring. Let us do our job while you sit back and watch your relocation take place effortlessly.

Moving yourself?

Do you have a few heavy or awkward items of furniture that you need help with?

At Express Movers you can hire our workforce without a truck to help with as little or as much as you need!


We had to relocate our office because of building issues. The problem was that we are catering to multiple clients a day and every client needs to be attended ASAP. Good thing, we got Express Movers to help us with the move. The movers started after hours and finished way before opening time, on a weekday! Everything was set-up when we arrived the morning of like nothing happened. So, it was business as usual for us!