frequently asked questions

We have 22 teams available all across the GTA. The best time to move is when it is convenient for you!

The earlier the merrier. As soon as your move date has been confirmed let us know and we can slot you in. Ideally, it is best to call us up to four weeks in advance so that we can ensure we have availabilities for you. Last-minute moves are also a possibility, just give us a call to find out now!

Moves are all different in shape and size. The time taken will be dependent on the size of the move, the distance between locations, and the whether.

Call us now! We will ensure that we are able to reschedule your move to a later time and date, subject to availability.

Toronto Express Movers are able to provide free quotations based on the information given to us by the client. Should you have a unique move, we are able to send a moving specialist to view before quoting. The quotation will be emailed or texted to you within 24 hours of inquiry.

Tipping is not mandatory. Our movers are professionals and will never ask for a tip. However, you may wish to thank them for the effort by offering a gratuity.

Discounts can be provided to

  • Elders
  • Students
  • Repeat clients
  • We may also have seasonal promotions at any point throughout the year. Enquire now to find out!

Unfortunately running a business comes with associated costs. We, like most moving companies, have a minimum charge of three hours per move - Even if the move takes less time.

We accept cash payments, credit card and e-transfers.

Express Movers will not be able to relocate plants. The back of a truck gets extremely hot and can cause plants to dry out. It is ideal to move these in your car. Our friendly team can help you put these in your car.

We are able to move valuables such as jewelry, money, and antiques. However it is highly recommended that you handle and move these items yourselves where possible.

Our team carries protective equipment with them. We strive in providing a safe and secure transportation method for your belongings. We use moving blankets, furniture pads, boxes, bubble wrap, and shrink wrap to ensure your belongings get to the destination in one piece. Larger items are disassembled before loading and will be reassembled at the new address.

Our trucks are cleaned on a regular basis. Along with this moving blankets and shrink wrap will be used to ensure your belongings get to the new address clean and damage-free.

It is extremely unsafe to move pets in a truck. We recommend pets be moved in a personal vehicle.

For the safety of our team, our clients and anyone in and around our trucks or storage facilities, Express Movers will not be able to move:

  • Propane tanks
  • Firearms
  • Paint
  • Aerosols

If the move date is creeping up and you're not yet finished packing, we can help. Let our friendly staff know what needs packing and we can ensure it is packed correctly on the day of the move. It is essential to let us know as soon as you know you won't finish so we can ensure that our teams bring sufficient moving supplies.

Our friendly team at Toronto Express Movers will be able to assist in re-arranging furniture to exactly how you want it. If required our team can also reassemble furniture for you.

It is always better to leave the work to our teams. They are professionally trained with correct techniques and procedures when it comes to lifting, carrying, and lading heavy and fragile belongings. If you would still like to assist in the move, written consent must be given as Express movers will not be liable for any injury or damages.

Moving is physically strenuous. Like machinery, we must also recharge our tanks and eat/drink. On full day moves our workers will take a 30-minute lunch break which will be included in the final invoice. You do not need to provide lunch for our team members.

We offer junk removal and disposal services. We can dispose of any junk on the move date with the same hourly fee plus the disposal fee.

Our movers can sweep floors and remove any packing/unpacking waste that may be lying around. However, our team is not able to provide additional cleaning services. 

Our team is trained to work under different conditions. We will be able to carry out a move safely and quickly no matter the weather.


I haven’t move in over 25 years, so I was no longer sure of what needs to be done. I am happy I got in touch with Express Movers. The price is great, and they were very patient in explaining and clarifying things to me about what I can expect from my move and what I need to prepare ahead of time. During the moving day, the boys were so courteous and kind. The entire thing was done in less time than I expected. I will be recommending them to friends and family!


We had to relocate our office because of building issues. The problem was that we are catering to multiple clients a day and every client needs to be attended ASAP. Good thing, we got Express Movers to help us with the move. The movers started after hours and finished way before opening time, on a weekday! Everything was set-up when we arrived the morning of like nothing happened. So, it was business as usual for us!


I am a senior and I thought about moving to a senior’s home for a couple of years now. One of the things that kept me was the fear that I might not be able to do all that needs to be done in preparation for it. I was happy that Express Movers were able to do all the boxing up for me and they also helped me get organized and unpacked at the new location. All I had to do sit and wait for them to finish, which they did in less than a day!