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Ask about the Express Movers junk removal services. We provide a great solution for estate clean ups, house moves, building/construction sites and more.


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Our Junk-Removal Solutions

Junk appliances

Does your attic or garage have a pile of junk or unwanted furniture that keeps growing every time you do a spring clean? Have you carried out a renoavation and have a pile of trash that needs to be disposed of.

If you need the mess gone then let us know!

The team at Toronto Express Movers also provides junk removal and disposal services. We will collect all your unwanted junk and take it to the local recycling centre or a tip or selected charity (as long as they can still be used).

Our junk removal cost is reasonable and affordable. So call us today and learn more about this option!

better than a skip bin

quick, easy, cost effective

No guessing sizes, no space hungry rain catching eyesore. We pack and remove your junk on the spot.

avoid health & safety risks

The professional Express Movers team will do all the heavy and dangerous lifting for you.

no access issues

Our junk removal service is perfect for hard to access sites of those with limited space.


We were doing DIY home renovations as a summer project for the whole family. However, even though it was fun, and we finished satisfactorily, the junk and rubbish piled up. At the end of it, that was our main problem. We were exhausted physically and mentally and disposing that ourselves was no longer an option. Then, we stumbled upon Express Movers who offered their junk removal service and they just took all the unwanted items off our hands. Now we can enjoy our new and clean space!