Suzanne, 52

Home Moving
I haven’t move in over 25 years, so I was no longer sure of what needs to be done. I am happy I got in touch with Express Movers. The price is great, and they were very patient in explaining and clarifying things to me about what I can expect from my move and what I need to prepare ahead of time. During the moving day, the boys were so courteous and kind. The entire thing was done in less time than I expected. I will be recommending them to friends and family!


Lucinda, 72

Packing Service
I am a senior and I thought about moving to a senior’s home for a couple of years now. One of the things that kept me was the fear that I might not be able to do all that needs to be done in preparation for it. I was happy that Express Movers were able to do all the boxing up for me and they also helped me get organized and unpacked at the new location. All I had to do sit and wait for them to finish, which they did in less than a day!


Chris, 42

Junk Removal
We were doing DIY home renovations as a summer project for the whole family. However, even though it was fun, and we finished satisfactorily, the junk and rubbish piled up. At the end of it, that was our main problem. We were exhausted physically and mentally and disposing that ourselves was no longer an option. Then, we stumbled upon Express Movers who offered their junk removal service and they just took all the unwanted items off our hands. Now we can enjoy our new and clean space!


Lester, 49

Office Moving
We had to relocate our office because of building issues. The problem was that we are catering to multiple clients a day and every client needs to be attended ASAP. Good thing, we got Express Movers to help us with the move. The movers started after hours and finished way before opening time, on a weekday! Everything was set-up when we arrived the morning of like nothing happened. So, it was business as usual for us!


Ashley, 33

Storage Solutions
My move came in unexpectedly. It had to happen before my work commitment that required me to be overseas for 6 weeks. So, I called Express Movers, initially just to ask around. I then found out about their options for storage which worked out pretty well for my needs. Even if I needed a couple weeks more as extension, they were very flexible with the changes. 5 stars for these guys!


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